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Drilling Fluids, Cement & Waste management Superintendent H/F

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Drilling - Drilling Superintendent

Position title

Drilling Fluids, Cement & Waste management Superintendent H/F


Permanent Contract


As Drilling Fluids, Cement & Waste Management Superintendent, the job holder is in charge to:

1. Work closely with Drilling and Fluids Engineering Staff in the well design, taking into account such fluid-related items such as offset well evaluation, shallow hazards, well geometry, hydraulics, potential problems, and fluid types.

2. Work with drilling superintendent during drilling operations to ensure the needs of the project are being met with the fluids in use.

3. Coordinate with fluid, cement & waste management vendors in such areas as well planning, fluids program, cementing program, waste management program, operations and logistics.

4. Provide on-site technical assistance as needed.

Full attention is given to the daily operational activities at the rig, responsible for, and to ensure availability of all products, equipment and personnel in a timely manner for fluids support of the drilling operations.

- Assess Site Engineers performances
- Ensure correct invoicing, cost evaluation and update accordingly invoice database
- Ensure good and safe service delivery by vendors and correct reporting
- Manage daily operational drilling fluids ,cement, waste management operations
- Prepare the programs for fluids, cements and treatment of discharge produced by to drilling / well operations
- Conduct technical and operational syntheses
- Ensure the follow-up of the fluid operations, cement and treatment of discharge
- Write up operating procedures
- Contribute to improving skills and know-how
- Take part in employee training
- Conduct performance improvement studies and projects on behalf of PERENCO affiliates.
- Prepare and steer invitations to tender and establish contracts for services and equipments.
- Optimise the activities of information providers and assess their performances.
- Ensure compliance of safety requirements and frame of references.
- Anticipate needs and organise provisioning.
- Propose technical innovation.
- Budgets plan.

Decision Taking
- Approval of day to day operations programs and procedures
- Approval of logistics programs and procedures
- Approval of day to day reporting and initial debriefings
- Cost follow up


Context and Environment

- Ensure that the operational services of fluids are performed in compliance with PERENCO's codes & practices, while ensuring compliance to the Environmental Discharge requirements

Within a team work context:
- Contribute on every wells drilled by Drilling and Completion Department to meet objectives and in compliance with codes of practice (Company and Country), while actualizing HSE best practices.
- Ensure optimized usage of drilling fluids and waste management budget with respect of local regulation
- Drilling Fluids Superintendent leads rig site personnel, including contractors.


Qualifications / Experience Required

Position requires engineering degree (or equivalent) with minimum of 10 years experience in the oil and gas industry, with the majority being in the area of fluids, cement and waste management operation.
Candidate should have:
- Broad knowledge of drilling fluids, completion fluids, and cement slurry design and testing. Areas of knowledge should include fluid selection and application, hydraulics modelling, fluid chemistry, clay chemistry, lab testing, and environmental regulations as they apply to fluids.

- Applicant should be highly motivated, self-directed, and must have the ability to interface with people well, both internally and externally.

- French speaker and a good command of English (spoken and written) is mandatory.

Position localisation

Job location


Candidate criteria

Education level

5-year plus university degree


  • French (Native speaker)
  • English (Fluent)

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